Magpie Fields Tote


A tote to fill with wondrous things! Perfect to bring along with you to the farmers market, leisurely walks around town, or a cozy corner coffee shop!

Length: 16" inches
Width: 15" inches
24" inch straps
7 oz. in weight

- Made of natural Cotton Canvas, a biodegradable material
- "Full of Wonder" and the Magpie Fields logo printed on the front. The phrase was created to yield towards the one who carries the tote and what she might be carrying in the tote
- Two color options: Natural and Gradient
- The gradient color option features custom made spray paint that was lightly sprayed to give the tote an extra pop. Each tote is unique in color boldness as they are each spray painted individually
- The Natural color option is the original tote with it's crisp and clean design
- Hand wash or spot clean. Tumble dry on low or lay flat to dry and follow with a press from a warm iron.
- Exclusive Magpie Fields design
(gradient option SOLD OUT)

* To zoom in, hover the mouse over the image, and then click the plus sign that is in the top left corner slightly above the picture.

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